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Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with two uniquely creative musical minds and wholly progressive individuals, DJ Vadim and The Polish Ambassador.

Having performed and recorded for over a decade in relative obscurity, what a wonderful moment to be heard! I am honored, touched and most grateful…

Polish Ambassador: “Last fall tour I was kicking it with my brother from another mother DJ Vadim. We were chatting. He was playing me some cuts from his new record. The first track featured this velvet smooth RnB Hip Hop singer. Reminded me of The Pharcyde.

I said, Vadim, good sir, who is this guy? He said, why Polish, that’s Sean Haefeli. When I first heard Sean Haefeli’s voice I thought he must be one of the biggest acts in the R&B world, perhaps over in Europe as to why I had never heard of him.

Not the case. I phoned Sean up, a Chicago native currently living in Berlin. We got to chatting, and the vibe was right. Since then, we’ve churned out 2 soulfully smooth tracks.

Not sure what you might call this genre. Hip hop? R&B? Kalimba Funk?

What I do know is that Sean blessed this track up proper with his velvet smooth vocals.

The world is an awfully massive place with so much talent that can often get lost in the shuffle. Sean is a perfect case, and this dude is as genuine and legit as they come.

I Feel blessed and honored to shine a light on this man’s gifts. Hope you guys feel the same way.”

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