boom bap

The response to this video has been quite interesting, because it took many people by such surprise. There are threads of this throughout my music, even if not so overt. However, it’s an instructive reminder that often times, for people to understand, you must be explicit. The problem, of course, this runs rather counter to my nature!

mind fluid

“Cosmic Blues” w/ David Edge: Several years ago, I was visiting family, in Indianapolis, when a friend suggested we head to a studio where a colleague was working. I met “Edge,” sat down and played some keys which he sampled, programmed the drums, then I went into the booth and came up with the vocals. Groove doesn’t need to be complicated.

Mind Fluid Radio Show & Podcast 05/05/15 by Kev Beadle on Mixcloud

on deck 3


Honored to be featured on the new On Deck 3 compilation from DJ Rahdu, Bama Love Soul, released by BBE.

“It won’t take many spins of On Deck 3 to realize that most of these cuts will have a hard time finding a place on most hot R&B and hip-hop stations, or even most UAC stations. The irony is that the cuts on On Deck 3 would have received airplay at a time in the not too distant past. The easy fusion of a lyrical MC such as Sean Haefeli with hard bop jazz on the track “Essential” brings to mind artists such as The Digable Planets or The Native Tongues collective and most notably the late Guru whose Jazzmatazz records still draw a loyal following.” -Howard Dukes,