Sean Haefeli is an innovative pianist-vocalist, lyricist-composer,
distinctively modern and yet, traditionally skilled. He represents a new
breed, schooled in jazz, soul and hip-hop, able to execute with an emcee’s
sense of flow, a crooner’s melodic sensibility, and a jazz pianist’s deft

Since 2002, Sean has self-produced and released three albums, each taking
the listener on an eclectic and personal journey, while triggering a range of references, from Gil Scott-Heron, to Roberta Flack, to Bobby McFerrin.

Insightful reviews have captured the honest originality in his music. Nu Soul
Magazine writes, “Sound Strategy portrays a skilled and passionate musician,
who strives to put his best foot forward using nothing more or less than he’s
always known to be true to his core being…much like Sean portrays himself, the album makes the best of what jazz and its adjacent genres have to offer.”

The poet-reviewer, Kalamu ya Salaam, describes his sound as:
“a cross between Ezra Pound in the metro and some alternative spoken word
down by the Green Mill in Chicago…he takes unexpected twists and turns,
puts lyrics you have to listen to at least thrice in order to decipher the
deeptitudes being discussed. Sometimes it swings, sometimes it grooves but
there is always something emotionally moving going on.”

Soul Bounce focuses on “his smooth vocals,” the way “he blurs the lines between singing and it’s melodic cousin, spoken word, often fluctuating between both deliveries within the same song.”

Now based in Berlin, Sean has continued to expand his musical reach, collaborating with Polish Ambassador and DJ Vadim. He has also been featured on Bama Love Soul’s On Deck 3, released by BBE. The UK magazine, Jocks and Nerds ran a piece highlighting his music and style. And finally, a new solo release is on the way.

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