Ol Skool

My blood is pumpin’, I feel like, “yeah, we onto something”
This is the impetus, stimulus, get your motor running
Bless the mic with respect for the one that sets me free
I’m out the boundaries, searching within the groove to lead me

My heart is racing, so I’m feeling like inspired by something
It’s not the moment to fold and come away with nothing
I keep my focus on the form that can set me free
I’m out the boundaries, trying to keep life from going crazy


Look in the face of a man’s got nothing left to lose
Walkin’ them streets cause he’s singing them unemployment blues
There’s no security even if you done paid them dues
You start to contemplate, “what have I left to lose?”

Punishment and reward oft don’t make any sense
Looking at the sky, blame it on innocence
I search inside this music, I hear the radio, soon as I start to lose it
My minds already gone


There comes a time when we all goin’ have to let it ride
I take a breath before I raise some hell and step outside
Keep the fight because one day goin’ have to spark a fire
Watch where you steppin’ or get caught up in the briar

I try to move through life and slowly let down my defense
But as it happens often trapped behind electric fence
I wanna move beyond it, and see you like a brother
This is where the science connects, the truth is undercover


Mind Tight

Enter mid-scene
pitch black, he was in the mood
listen to the tenor of a rebel’s pause.

Mind tight, grip the wheel
keeps the room from spinning
dictates the truth in his microphone hand.

He flips without memory
an emotional headstand
picks up the signal, hears the music through his bandwidth colors.

Brothers lose it over less than this
the bond is broken
so I raise my fist loudly.

He’s the one who soon gets lost in the mirror
time swallows whole
so we can see ourselves clearer.

There’s a question blowing through the trees
‘What’s the sound of continuity?’

There’s a hunger, growls insatiably
I can feel my new identity.



To break it down to the essential
The search is elemental
But can’t map genius with a stencil
Grab utensil, cut to center
It’s rare, blood runs to the page
When reach the stage creativity’s neglect
Should’ve stayed at home, and spent some time alone
Soul’s bereft so you walk through the streets looking
Should’ve stayed at home

Instead of searching for a panacea
It’s time we see the individual
Mine the truth like it’s mineral
Extract ideas that are tenable,
The minimal isn’t cool with effort
This isn’t gym class
So put yourself to task
It won’t last unless it comes from the inside
You can’t live this life like a ghost-ride



This revolution starts with the mental, got the axe chopping up symbols, steady hype wound like a spindle, set em’ up slick, shoot for the middle. Elevate from the ground up, in the pocket keep your hands up, it’s desperation cause their times up, feel it in the air, feel it in my gut.

Been on the stage, waiting in the wings, beneath the surface, pulling at the seams, recycled beauty from the ugly things, looking in the mirror, cause the truth stings. Count the minutes, cause I’m all time, standing on my head begging for a dime, funny how this vision makes me blind, some say luck, others see the signs.

It’s designed to be confused, burns right through,
lost in this milieu, love’s untrue…

I middleweight-rip through this song, there comes a time we gotta get it on, it’s only opportunity till gone, standing in the streets, gathering the stones. Wish that we could rise, full proof, wish that we could die, full truth, wish that there was someone in the sky guaranteed this life was for better use.

Maybe it’s the music in my head, maybe I’m already half-dead, maybe it’s the verse I need to write so I can sleep at night, before it’s code red. Can you feel the love obtuse, can you feel the pull towards truth, view from in the basement like a roof, chicken in the coop, scoping out the youth.

It’s designed to be confused, burns right through,
lost in this milieu, love’s untrue…



I see reflections in your eyes

each lie, I held inside
disguised by a smile, growing tight.

It’s the impressions on my mind
I’ve tried to sterilize, replace
these broken words leave a trace.

Each moment time
strains love
through my veins.



She says vulnerability is a must
I must trust she’s not sadistic, ‘fore I open up.
More comfortable with toughness, less it’s ‘tween the sheets
Roughness I implore for sake of sanity.

So I hide behind a mask, you can call it black music
Trying to make this crack music and still keep my head.
I lie awake in bed, so sleeplessly I roam
This why I’m prone to bad decisions.

I’ve combed your heart and mine before 6 am
Tried to write a love song that wouldn’t fit.
Looked out my window and the sky was lonely
Girl you must be crazy with them stars in your head.


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