london & paris

During March, I will play concerts in both London and Paris!

March 15th, 8pm @ La Bellevilloise, Paris
March 28th, Jazz Refreshed @ Mau Mau Bar, London

Also, I am excited to be teaching a workshop titled “The New Sounds Fundamental,” March 27th, 7pm, at the Midi Music Company:

“In contemporary music, the dominant style has disappeared, with borrowing
across genres becoming the significant trend. As in one of the most
important developments, ‘sampling,’ there has been a cross-pollination, infusing the musical landscape with sounds both current and past. Of course, this has
always been the case, as musicians throughout history expanded on the
developments of their predecessors.
I will discuss and express through performance, techniques that I have used
to integrate formal music training and contemporary ‘urban’ styles.
Approaching the sounds of today with knowledge of the fundamentals and
tradition, we can playfully explore ways to improve the quality of our own
music and advance the artistic integrity for future generations.”

roger riddle’s earshot

This is one talented cat. Go ahead and look at all that style. If you had to guess as to what kind of music he made, what would you think?

Yep. Jazz. And he is something we don’t too often hear from the world of Jazz any more.

This Berlin based Jazz phenom is a vocalist as well as a pianist, a lyricist, and a composer. He has self released three albums, and to top it all off … he’s a model. If you were that smooth wouldn’t you be a model too? You’d wake up, look in the mirror and say, “I think I am going to be a model today,” and walk out your house on the way to a photo shoot.

Ok. Let’s get back to the music this man creates. He has a deep voice and his style of singing seems to stand on the point where rapping, scatting, and singing all cross. My very first though was that his style was in the vein of Gil Scott-Heron.

His band is tight. They remind me of The Roots circa Do You Want More?!!!??!. At times on Rise, Haefeli’s newest album, he opts for the warm tones of the Fender Rhodes instead of a piano, giving the album a feel more like a mid 70s Jazz album. However, on “Essential” when he does play piano, you get a glimpse of how talented a pianist this young man really is.

There’s not much more I need to say here. Now it’s up to you to give it a listen.

Roger Riddle’s Earshot

giant step

Hella excited about this July Next Step winner of ours! Berlin based pianist, vocalist, lyricist, and composer Sean Haefeli mesmerized us with his vocal jazz that’s sprinkled with welcome notes of Jose James and Gil Scott-Heron.

Others have referenced Last Poets, Roberta Flack, Michael Franti, Bobby McFerrin, and Gregory Porter when speaking about his music. Looks like dude has a pretty fail proof thing going on as far as many are concerned.

Sean’s sound blends jazz, soul, hip hop, and spoken word to birth warm, honest, and intimate music perfect for cozying up to as winter approaches. RISE marks his third album, which similar to his previous two is self-produced and released. Below, you can stream the entire album and also download the title track for free!

Touring will begin in late October through November of this year. On, November 16 catch a special performance on Mijke’s Middag Live on Dutch radio station Radio 6.

Giant Step


Każdy lubi czasem poeksperymentować, czy to ze swoim wyglądem, wnętrzem mieszkania czy też próbując nowego drinka. Nie zawsze wychodzi to nam na dobre, zwłaszcza w przypadku tego ostatniego. Najbezpieczniejsze są chyba koktajle muzyczne, które w najgorszym razie grożą poważnym uzależnieniem, ale nie szkodzą zdrowiu. Taką mieszankę gatunków serwuje nam Sean Haefeli na swoim najnowszym albumie „Rise„. Jazz i hip hop, z naciskiem na to pierwsze, różnorodne i piękne melodie, przyjemny dla ucha męski wokal, instrumenty dęte, dużo perkusji i kontrabasu. Po prostu rewelacja. Poniżej cały album do odsłuchu.

sonic soul reviews

Gregory Porter? José James? Kennen wir schon. Jazz-Stimmen zwischen Tradition und Ganz-Moderne, zwischen kräftiger Bärigkeit und manirierter Kunst. Zeit für Sean Haefeli. Seit einigen Jahren schon hier und da mit seiner Art der Gesangsgestaltung unterwegs und nun mit “Rise” auf dem Weg zum zentralen Platz in der Sonne. Pures Live-Musikantentum, angenehm auf das Wesentliche reduziert und immer darauf konzentriert die Geschichten, doe Herr Haefeli uns zu erzählen hat, mittels größtmöglicher Effektivität zu untermalen. Sicher Jazz, aber auch Soul, bei Bedarf auch mit tagesaktueller Hip-Hop Attitüde, dabei immer auf den Punkt genau, ohne dabei die nötige Eleganz zu verlieren. Kühl und erwachsen – im Jazz-Vocals Umfeld die wichtige/richtige Alternative.

Sonic Soul Reviews